…….as a side note, everyone else in the webring is a lot less blog-chatty than i am, which i simultaneously feel self conscious about and also

I too am not a bit tamed—I too am untranslatable;
I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.

walt whitman

(on a semi-related note, i have been rereading some walt whitman now that i know he was gay and: as a sad closeted teenager i really resented him talking about how he saw me and was waiting for me, but now as a [DATA EXPUNGED] trans [FILE NOT FOUND], like — thanks for keeping an eye out for me, gay uncle walt <3)

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  1. (I enjoy your chattiness and support more chatting on the webring, also like, it’s really nice to just check in and see that you are doing great and living your best life! (Not that I don’t want to see anyone’s negativity, but just re: your recent posts, I mean.))

    1. hah well thank you! i get self-conscious about it a lot tbh (i get self conscious about everything, but) so it’s nice to know my endless yapping isn’t, like, horrifying all who see it .-.

  2. I enjoy your blog chattiness and aspire to be this chatty someday. I have many many unreleased drafts where I get halfway through a thought and then decide I’m boring myself so I don’t post it.

    1. hah see that’s the trick, just be endlessly impressed with your own wit and laugh at all your own jokes :’)

      (this is actually my least appealing trait, i feel like, and yet…!)

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