book review: “Rx”, by Rachel Lindsay, and “The Abaddon”, by Koren Shadmi

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i had an hour to kill at the evanston public library, so i read some comics.

Rx is a graphic novel memoir about mental illness. i — thought it was fine? it opened up several questions about what makes someone sane enough to make their own decisions, and then sort of shied away from actually following that up. which is fine, it’s a memoir, but — i just kind of had an “eh” response to it, i guess.

the abaddon is about a man who gets trapped in an apartment with weird roommates. turns out he’s more or less in purgatory; he finds his way through the maze and ends up where he started again. i sort of got the feeling the author didn’t particularly care for women that much, which kind of ruined the fun, but i did like the art and some of it was weird and trippy in a fun way.

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