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i enjoyed these articles; you might too

The Hike: John Muir In a Week, by Michael Lanza

one of my niche interests is reading about other people doing ultralight backpacking trips, and then not doing that.

To Win an Ultramarathon, You Need a Devil to Chase, by Colin Daileda

i love reading about ultramarathons. i love listening to people talk about ultramarathons. “it sucks, you’ll want to die. love it, can’t wait for my next!” perfection.

The Sea of Crises, by Brian Phillips

i know i linked this just like a day ago, but: seriously, even if you don’t care about sumo or japanese history, read this anyway, it’s that good

A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running, by Erin Gloria Ryan

this is absolutely my favorite piece of writing about running i’ve ever read (also check out How to Look Beautiful While Running a Marathon)

Raising the Dead, by Tim Zimmermann

about cave diving and the draw of sports that will kill you

Surviving an 8,000 Foot Fall, by Joe Spring

despite the title, i had to walk away from this one for a minute bc my hands were sweating too hard

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