book review: “Artemis”, by Andy Weir

it was — fine. i have very little to say about this.

“the martian” succeeded because every cliffhanger was a fun and interesting physics problem; “artemis” has way less of that and suffers for it. a lot of weir’s narrative weaknesses are fully on display here (everybody speaks with exactly the same voice, a lot of the cultural references that he thinks white american audiences wouldn’t get are explained rather hamfistedly, how humans interact with each other is a little — eeeeehhhhh), but it was entertaining enough.

the book is about a smuggler on the moon city of artemis who accidentally lands herself in the position of local savior and protector of moon society. it’s a short little heist book; if you liked “the martian” this is noticeably worse, but entertaining enough. i read it in like 3 days on my commute, so.

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  1. This was sort of my feeling, too? I feel like it’d probably make a better miniseries/movie just because that’d lean less on the narration and allow the plot to be more of the jolly page-turner heist wild ride it is.

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