sick day pt. II

apparently the secret to speedrunning being sick is:


i worked about 3 hours yesterday from home, and otherwise drank a ton of fluids and had soup and fruit juice and tea and this morning i feel — still kind of gross, but manageably so

it is WILD to me how much better this new place suits me. i really enjoy working a reasonable number of hours a week, and not forcing myself into the office even when i’m dying, and being able to take care of myself! i really recommend it tbh!

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  1. god i

    really wanna and honestly probably should do that myself, it’s just like [sweats] because of bad timing of just getting back from vacation + my direct super being out of town and things are miscellaneously on fire but i’m so glad you were able to actually get to take care of yourself

    1. DO IT i felt unbelievably guilty about it yesterday but i also feel WORLDS AND AWAY better today? strongly recommend, A+++, would buy again (and honestly, i probably should have taken today off too, but: i didn’t, and i wouldn’t be okay tbh if i hadn’t taken yesterday off)

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